We want to make Salem accessible for all, including your ability to find parking during your visit. Below are options for parking.  At the bottom there is a chart to help you understand where and when parking is available.  Thanks for your patience!

Parking Lot between SpringHouse Ministry Center and Greenleaf

Please don’t park where signs say “24 Hour Reserved” (these are for apartment residents) or retail only.

Sunday Mornings

On Sundays, no permits are needed to park in the lot.  You may park in any spot without signs, and any designated for SpringHouse Ministry Center.  Handicap spots are fine for anyone displaying a handicap parking pass.

Weekdays, Saturdays, later on Sundays

Permits are needed for parking in the undesignated spots and in SpringHouse Ministry spots.  Some have parking permits for SpringHouse; these must be displayed.  Others coming for just a single event can get a temporary permit by stopping in the church office when you arrive.

TruStone Financial Parking Lot

On Sunday mornings through early afternoon, we have permission to use the parking lot at TruStone Financial (2817 Lyndale Avenue S).  Other times, please don’t park in their lot (they actively tow).

Intermedia Arts

Sundays, parking is permitted at Intermedia Arts (2822 Lyndale Ave. S.).

Local Street Parking

Street parking is permitted as posted. For unsigned street parking information, visit the City of Minneapolis, Unsigned Street Parking Restrictions.

City of Minneapolis Pay Lot

Located behind the Jungle Theater, there is a pay city lot which accepts credit cards. Access the lot from Lyndale Avenue (just north of Lake Street), Lake Street, and Garfield Ave.

Please call the church office for further information about the parking rules.

Parking Chart


Sunday Mornings Other Times
SpringHouse Only YES WITH PERMIT: Required Sticker
or Temp Pass
Spots with No Signs YES WITH PERMIT: Required Sticker
or Temp Pass
TruStone YES NO
Intermedia Arts YES NO
Local Streets YES YES
City Pay Lot YES YES