Support Whittier School, the Ronald McDonald House & Habitat for Humanity

Heard the old expression, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure?” Salem is going to benefit 3 agencies that have a positive impact on the lives of others by becoming a collection point for items which are frequently thrown away. Collection containers are at church (along with samples so it’s clear).

The PTA at Whittier School (part of Salem’s claimed “holy ground”) collects Box Tops for Education points, Campbell Soup Labels, 5c milk lids and other items to help purchase items needed at school.

The Ronald McDonald House collects aluminum pop tops which help to support children and their families at the Ronald McDonald House. This effort raises $35,000 for the Twin Cities Chapter annually.

A volunteer group in Lake Sumter FL collects cancelled postage stamps and prepares them for re-sale to stamp collectors. Funds raised support Habitat for Humanity. They are currently raising funds for their 3rd “Stamp House”…they’ve raised $30,000+ and are over halfway to their goal.