610 W 28th St
Minneapolis, MN  55408

Office Administrator
Laurie Zaepfel
office @discoversalem.org





AH! An urban church, where do we park!?

There is often street parking, especially on Garfield Ave, Harriet Ave, or 28th street (careful, they are all one ways). There are also parking spots in the lot between SpringHouse Ministry Center and the Greenleaf apartment building labeled for SpringHouse use.

On Sunday mornings, the lot at TruStone Financial (2817 Lyndale Ave. S.) is available for parking. If you can’t find anything else, there is a pay lot behind the Jungle Theater that can be accessed from Lyndale Ave (just north of Lake Street) or Garfield Ave.

Are there bike racks?

Yep, we’ve got many bikers and the bike rack is on the west side of the building, north of the main doors.

What about bus riders?

We love ’em and we’re easy to get to by bus. The #4 bus (and a few others) travels on Lyndale regularly. The #21 (and others) travels on Lake Street. Consult Metro Transit or click the Google map above to give details.

For more info check out the Visitor FAQs!