Fall Plans

Check out the calendar for a taste of what is happening this fall around Salem and SpringHouse. Lutheranism 101 is a 4 session conversation about our Christian Lutheran faith and tradition; Dan Erlander’s book Baptized We Live guides us.  Also, we’re reading David Eagleman’s Sum: forty tales from the afterlives with short, witty, thoughtful vignettes about afterlife. Plenty more. You’re invited.

Sunday Mornings at Salem

On Sundays Salem offers two worship options – Traditional Worship and Jazz Worship. These two worship services are connected by Sunday School and Youth Group, as well as Adult Ed.  Child care is available throughout.  Full schedule >

SpringHouse Partner

Salem’s home is the SpringHouse Ministry Center, a shared, sustainable facility that anchors three churches with distinct identities and rich histories. Salem shares SpringHouse Ministry Center with partner congregations Lyndale United Church of Christ and First Christian Church. Learn more >